Text To WIN

Using Text 2 Win sweepstakes campaigns are one of the greatest ways to build an opt-in list which will increase your frequency by sending promotions, coupons, news and more for your business. Keeping the database for future campaign offers or text alerts.
This weapon in your marketing arsenal gives you the business to create sweepstakes for your Opt-in and Lead generation lists. Assign a contest to a complete list, or limit entrants by offering it only to participants that text within a specific time-frame.
Time frame Say you want to run a sweepstakes between two dates and times. Our ‘selective participants’ option allows you to include users who opted in within these specified times only. This creates an ‘act now’ mentality which motivates the user to text in immediately after learning of the contest. The contest runs when you create and save, or at a scheduled time. Text to win
Everybody wins
Select up to 5 winners of the contest and include a custom message for each as well as a coupon. You also have the option to create a message for those who did not win the contest and include a coupon. After running a Text to Win campaign, you’ll have an abundance of new opt-ins, who regardless of winning or losing have the privelege of receiving future special offers, new sweepstakes, and more!