QR Code


Interactive QR code will supply you with a new way to get the attention of your target audience.Although these weird looking little codes may not seem like a lot, they may be the key component to growing your business increasing profits.
Here are the top five reasons smartphone users cite for using a QR code:

1)   87% to find a discount
2)   64% to enter a sweepstakes
3)   63% to access additional info
4)   60% to make a purchase
5)   53% to sign up to receive more information

There’s no telling where this technology will take us. But we do know that as social media continues to bring people together with this new technology, businesses are better able to extend the experience of their store’s brand.

QR Code Generator
Create QR codes instantly using our QR Code generator. Just enter the required information and the wizard will create a unique QR code that can be printed, emailed or downloaded for later use.
Just the Beginning… Quick Response codes are promising and creative. The many usage are still being discovered! It’s time to go into the future with this new and provocative approach! Interact and engage your consumers with QR!
SMS Message Upon scanning the Quick Response code, the mobile user’s phone will quickly draft a message you create to be sent to a phone number. Our short code 71441 is the default number. Cue the user to opt-in with this exciting trick!
Notification Pop-up A notification message will come up on the screen of the mobile phone . Use your imagination, this is a wonderful way to surprise your customer with an appealing offer, an influential message, or a call to action.
Website URL Direct the user to a website of your choice. The user scans the code and is instantly referred to the specified URL. This is a very direct way to bring traffic to your website and get the customer to connect with your products.
Phone Number This QR code type will give the user the opportunity to call the phone number you enter in. This is another direct way of getting the customer to act now .
Contact Information Here, you can use the QR code to display your name, phone number, etc. Print the QR code on a business card and when the user scans it, their phone now has your information stored for future reference!