Employ the Lead Generator for one-time requests for information. Hook the user to express their interest in something like buying a car, buying a house, or subscribing to your services. Opt-in lists, alternatively, are a way to market to existing customers over time, and to build an ample and loyal consumer base.
Lead Generator Wizard Assign a keyword for your lead list, and type in a thank-you message responding to the person’s request for information. Let them know how they will be contacted to receive the information they requested. It is also an option to include a coupon to reward them for using the lead system as a means of establishing contact.
Create an Opt-In List
An Opt-in list is more beneficial to you and your customers if you sell a recurring service and want repeat customers. They text an advertised keyword to receive text message updates, coupons and special offers, and other promotional items regularly from a business. The frequency of these offers, updates, etc. is at your discretion as a marketer. The Opt-In list keeps your business fresh in the customer’s mind and gives plenty of incentive for them to return again and again! This is vital considering businesses today have an increasingly difficult time of obtaining regular customers.
Opt-In Pages
You can create a page on your website as well as on Facebook in order to get more users to opt-in to your lists. The opt-in pages help you attract new customers who have heard great things but have yet to deal with your business!